Odisha para-athlete breaks world record for longest wheelchair

Puri’s Kamal Kanta Naik broke the world record for the maximum distance covered by a disabled person in a wheelchair during a 24-hour event on Saturday and Sunday in Capital City.

The distance from the palace to the master canteen is approximately 1.14 km which is a lap for a super ultra-marathon. Kamal covered 43 km in 4 hours, 89 km in 9 hours, 118 km in 12 hours, 165 km in 18 hours and 183 km in 20 hours, ”said the organizers.

Earlier, Portugal’s Mario Trinidad held the world record for maximum distance covered in a manual wheelchair. It covered a distance of 182.4 kilometers.

Naik started his event to break the world record from 4:30 pm yesterday. He aims to cover a distance of 220 kilometers in a wheelchair in 24 hours. Meanwhile the protagonist undergoes his meal, treatment, CIC and hydration.

It covered 43 kilometers in 4 hours, 89 kilometers in 9 hours, 118 kilometers in 12 hours, 165 kilometers in 18 hours and 183 kilometers in about 20 hours. Officials from various government departments and organizations were present during the event.

The program was supported by Sports Secretary Vinil Krishna, Planning Board Deputy Chairman Sanjay Dasbarma, MLA Ananta Jena, State Disability Commissioner Sulochana Das, HOD, Physiotherapy Nirtar, PP Mohanty and Hollywood actor Sabyasachi Mishra.

Puri MP Pinaki Mishra, Odisha State Wheelchair Basketball Association Secretary Durga Prasad Pattanayak and Better Life Foundation spokesperson Sagarika Dubey spoke and encouraged Nayak.

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