oben ev: Oben EV V Founder Circle, raised 1.5 million from others

New Delhi: Electric two-wheeler The beginning Oben U.V. On Monday, it said it had raised $ 1.5 million (over Rs 10 crore) in seed rounds from V Founder Circle and others as it plans to launch its first product in the next six months. In Seed Round Investment we saw the participation of significant investors at Founder Circle – a global network of entrepreneurs and strategic investors who invest in start-up companies.
Among them are Rakesh Somani, co-founder of Life Element, Gaurav Juneja, a serial investor, Siddharth Shah, managing director of Rajesh Motors and other leading angels like Sumit Pathak and Dr. Milan Modi, the company said in a statement.
Oben E.V. The newly raised funds will be used to launch their products in the market, accelerate new product development and expand experience centers, as it looks to promote its expansion plans, he added.
The company claims it is developing one Electric bike It runs 200km on a single charge with a top speed of 100km / hr and has 16 patented innovations including product performance, customer experience and data analytics improvements.
Oben EV co-founder Madhumita Agarwal said, “We are very excited to raise the seed round as this fund will help us enter the market with the first fully indigenous and indigenously developed performance motorcycle and help customers deliver the first set of our vehicles. The next six months. ”
Gaurav VK, co-founder of V Founder Circle. Singhvi said the EV is at the peak of the early-adapter phase in India – and the real opportunity will be in electric two-wheelers.
He added, “Today we need a smooth shift in EV. Oben EV will be one of the start-ups that will set the right standards for the development of the EV industry in India.”
The startup plans to launch four new products in different segments in the next 2 years.


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