Novak Djokovic has to follow rules to go to Spain: PM | Tennis News

Madrid: World Men’s Tennis No. 1 Novak Djokovic To be able to travel you have to follow Spanish health rules Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Said on Monday.
In response to a question about whether Djokovic would be allowed to enter Spain to compete after being deported for not having a vaccine against Australia COVID-19“Any athlete who wants to compete in our country must abide by Spain’s health rules,” Sanchez said.
German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, who was on a visit to Spain on Monday and stood by Sanchez during a news conference, also insisted that different rules should be respected in different countries. “We all have to obey them, no matter who we are,” he said.

Djokovic regularly travels to Spain where he has a home in the southern resort of Marbella. He spent a few days in late December and early January, and video footage showed him training there.
Spanish rules currently require people to have a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of recovery from a PCR negative test or COVID. The country imposes strict quarantine on those who test positive.
During the same news conference, the Spanish Prime Minister enthusiastically called for vaccinations. Although vaccination is not mandatory in Spain, the rate of vaccination is the highest in Europe.


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