None Phone (1) Durability test results are out: This is what they say

No phone (1) Arguably one of the most popular smartphones of this year. The smartphone was finally launched last month and it can be said that it manages to live up to the hype ( Nothing Phone (1) Review ), thanks to the design and hardware that comes with it. Also, the Glyph LED interface is one of the major selling points of the smartphone.
Along with all the design aesthetics, there were concerns over the durability of the Nothing Phone (1). However, it looks like we finally have an answer to this. famous YouTuber, JerryRig EverythingKnown for his durability test and teardown videos, he has done a durability test video of the Nothing Phone (1).
YouTuber Nothing did all sorts of tests on the phone (1) including a scratch test where the phone got some scratches around level 5 and level 6, but that’s the case with many smartphones these days.
However, the real quality test of a smartphone is usually shown during the band tests. The handset was able to withstand bending back and forth without any sign of damage. However, there were some flexes in the video when pressure was applied from the front and a shrill sound could be heard. All in all the nothing phone (1) narrowly survived the bend test.
The smartphone also performs poorly in the repairability test. The phone got a score of 3 out of 10 due to repairability, availability of parts and time taken to replace the screen and battery.

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