Mumtaz talks about her extramarital affair, saying it was a temporary phase that ended soon. Hindi Movie News

Yesterday’s actress Mumtaz She recently revealed about her extramarital affair Affair That she and her husband Mayur Madhavani Were immediately after their marriage.

In an interview to a news portal, Mumtaz talked about rumors of her husband’s affair. She said it is common for men to have an affair through the back door. The actress added that she respects her husband because he told her about it. He confessed that he liked a girl in the US. He was born and raised in America. However, her husband also insisted that he would always love her and never leave her. Mumtaz added that this is a forgotten story. She lives like a queen and her husband never wanted anything from her.

In addition, Mumtaz also talked about herself where she revealed that after the episode, she started feeling lonely and sad. So, she flew to India. The actress remembered the flow. However, she added that it was nothing serious and was only a temporary phase, ending soon. She is lucky that her husband still loves her so much, she told Pinkvilla.

The veteran actress recently returned home safely after battling a serious stomach infection at a Mumbai hospital. She was hospitalized for about a week.


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