Microsoft: Microsoft wants Windows users to update their system immediately

Zero-day vulnerabilities are security vulnerabilities that can be quite detrimental to your devices and allow hackers to gain access to your personal data. A similar defect has been found in Microsoft Windows, According to security researchers. According to a report by Blipping computerCalled weakness Folina And Microsoft Accept the defect. Microsoft has also released a fix via update and urges users to upgrade immediately.
In a blog post, Microsoft explained that “remote code execution vulnerabilities exist when MSDT Is called using URL protocol From a calling application like Word. An attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability can run arbitrary code with the privileges of the calling application. ” Microsoft said that hackers – due to vulnerabilities – could install programs, view, alter or delete data or create new accounts within the context allowed by user rights. “Microsoft recommends installing updates as soon as possible,” the company noted.
Hackers can gain access to the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) – it is associated with commonly used programs such as Office and Word. If hackers gain access, it will give them the power to tamper with any data on the device.
Those who are running Windows version 7 or higher are recommended to update as soon as possible. If users have opted for automatic updates, they do not need to do so as their systems will be updated automatically. “Microsoft strongly recommends that customers install updates to fully protect themselves from vulnerabilities. Customers whose systems are configured to receive automatic updates do not need to take further action, “Microsoft said in a blog post.
The first sign of security vulnerabilities was seen in April 2022, the report said.

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