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Lewis Hamilton Red Bull was kind in the defeat after the rival Max Verstappen Britain’s quest for an unprecedented eighth Formula One title ends with a safety-car-assisted, last-lap pass to the championship pride at the end of the season. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix On sunday.
The 36-year-old, who started second with pole-sitter Verstapen, found the race to be well under control after taking a lead in the first corner and avoiding being allowed to take a run-off in the opening-lap. Battle with its Red Bull rival.
But five laps from the side of a safety car, which gave Worstapen a chance to pit for fresh tires, turned the race on its head and ended Hamilton’s hopes of becoming the first driver to win eight World Championships.
“First of all, congratulations to Max and his team,” said Hamilton with tears in his eyes after the race.
“I think we’ve done a wonderful job this year. My team, everyone back in the factory … all the men and women … have worked hard all year. It’s been the hardest of the season.
“I’m very proud of him, thank you for being part of the tour with him,” added Britan, who has won the title for the last four years in a row and ended his Red Bull season with eight wins. Rival 10.
But, despite Worstappen celebrating and Hamilton facing defeat, Britain’s Mercedes team registered two safety-car-related protests.
Worstapen had to do with pulling over Hamilton and moving forward with him; With another racing resume.
Race control initially said it would not allow a lapped car to act as a buffer between Hamilton and Worstapen, which is too much for Red Bull’s frustration.
But then they decided to let him pass, putting Worstappen to the right on Hamilton’s tail for a final flat-out lap, with the Dutchman taking the opportunity to pass Hamilton for the lead on his fresh soft tire.
“We gave him everything, we gave him absolutely everything in this last part of the season and we never gave up,” Hamilton said. “That’s the most important thing.”


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