Max Verstape wins Canadian Grand Prix to strengthen his grip on the title race Racing News

Montreal: World Champion Max Verstappen Its lead has increased this year Formula One The title race on Sunday when he led his Red Bull to a thrilling victory in close combat Canadian Grand Prix.
The 24-year-old Dutchman controlled the strategic race from pole position through three safety car interventions and resisted intense late pressure from Ferrari’s Carlos Sanz to win in less than a second.
Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who declared his car “undrivable” on Friday, came in third for Mercedes to claim his second podium in a difficult season ahead of fourth-placed teammate George Russell.

It was Verstapen’s first Canadian victory in the 150th start of his career, his sixth this year and the 26th of his career, which put him 46 points ahead of his rivals in the championship.
“I gave it my all,” Verstappen said. “But so was Carlos. He was pushing, charging, pushing, charging. Naturally, it’s easier to charge with DRS! I had fun today.”
Senze said: “We were all fast, fast in the race, but it’s hard to get ahead in the round here. I’m especially happy with the pace of the race and the pressure on Max.”
Hamilton, a record seven-time winner in Montreal, cheered the big crowd – part of a weekend attendance of 338,000 – and said he was “overwhelmed to finish third. It’s been a lot of fighting, but we’ve never given up. I’m inspired. ”

Ferrari’s Charles Lacklerk, who started behind the grid after taking a penalty for the new engine, is fifth behind Esteban O’Connor and his alpine teammates Fernando Alonso, Valteri Bottas and his Alfa Romeo teammate Zhou Guanyu.
Local hopeful Lance Stroll ranks 10th for Aston Martin.
After Saturday’s deluge, the race began with a mixed ‘wet’ grid – in which Leclerc, Perez and several others were out of their normal race positions – as Verstapen got off to a clean start from his 15th pole position to gain control.
Behind him, Kevin Magnusen made a brilliant departure from fifth to challenge Hamilton, but resisted Britt and retained fourth as the order settled, with Russell taking an early step to pass Mick Schumacher to seventh.
On the third lap, Senze passed to Alonso, unable to start the attack he had promised, he took second place and started chasing Verstapen.

Perez suffered a setback in lap nine when he lost his Red Bull drive on the 13th turn, fighting in midfield after a 13th start. “I lost the engine, man,” he told the team as a Virtual Safety Car (VSC). Deployed and Worstapen and Hamilton immediately stood up to switch from media to hard.
His first discovery F1 The victory, Senze clearly pulled to the front as Worstapen finished second in Lap 18, with a DRS move, leaving Alonso behind.
Another VSC on the lap 20, while Schumacher retired at the 13th turn after his sixth highest grid position ever. Looks like his Haas car was the victim of a power failure.
Seinz also hit the field, rejoining third place ahead of Hamilton – with Verstapen ahead of Alonso, who did not pit.
Alpine’s reluctance to pit Alonso, still on his original media, resulted in Hamilton making a third-place easy pass on lap 25.
The two-time champion finally came after 29 laps and rejoined in eighth place behind Laklerk, who was struggling on old tires to pass O’Connor. “I don’t have a grip,” said the frustrated Lackler.
By mid-distance, Worstapen led the Sains by 7.5 seconds and Hamilton was third, nine seconds behind.
After a lap, Worstappen made his second stop, emerging just behind Hamilton, who again sat in the 45th lap and placed Russell third, in short, before he even got inside.
When Yuki Sunoda crashed his Alpha Taurie on a turn two and a full safety car was deployed, with 20 laps, Sanz again, 7.5 seconds ahead of Verstapen.
Senz pitted, then both Alpines and Botas, preferring all mediums.
Verstapen took the lead again, but after a 10-minute delay, with a final dash towards the flag, faced a dense scrap with the Spaniard when the action resumed.


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