Manish Malhotra, Ashish N Soni and Rimzim Dadu will perform on day 3

Ready to occupy the runway in style, Day 3 showcase will be a mix of storytelling, fabric and celebration. Manish Malhotra is premiering his Bridge Line Diffuse, Ashish N Sony is completing 30 years in fashion and with an amazing line-up featuring well known designers like Jajabor, Rimzim Dadu and Ayesha Rao, FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week 2022 is all set to get this. . Party started!

Here’s what to look out for on the third day of FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week 2022.

12:00 PM: Swati Kapoor | Jajabor | Kiniho

Swati Kapoor’s collection The Rise is inspired by a hand-drawn silk scroll inscription and a poem called Auspicious Cranes by Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Jajabor their line is to share the story of the last Usta brothers and their masterpieces through WAH USTA, WAH.

Kiniho’s collection is inspired by Sierra Laplang’s Khasi folklore, with garments to bring out this folklore on Eri Silk Fabric.

12:00 PM: AISHA RAO | Nikita Mahisalkar

Ayesha Rao’s collection is a wonderful escape to the envisioned earth-friendly dreamland with stunning prints, textures and mood-boosting colors.

Nikita Mahisalkar: Inspired by North America’s rustic authentic textile crafts, the Terra Tales collection revisits the graphical richness of the Navajo tribe.

2:30 PM: Kaveri | Rajdeep Ranawat

Cyanotype printing is heavily used in Kaveri Lalchand’s collections, photographs and memorabilia, including crochet lace and floral motifs.

Rajdeep Ranawat presents Orient Express where variegated prints, fabrics, exotic silk and ingenious embroidery come together.

3:30 PM: Aarti Vijay Gupta | Siddharth Bansal

Artivijay Gupta’s line features an unusual combination of distinct prints with intricate metal details.

Siddharth Bansal’s collection, Blooming Tales is a dreaming collection and takes you on a journey of blooming flowers and dancing paisley.

4:30 PM: Nexa introduces two point two spotlights

This collection is made from durable organic fabrics developed from rose petals, oranges, lilies and organic cotton fibers. The details and silhouettes of this collection reflect our desire to travel and the combination of time spent at home.


Celebrating 10 years of HUEMN, the collection features hand-drawn prints, powerful statement pieces, embedded screws and elaborately handcrafted textures for which the brand is known.

7:00 PM: FDCI Showcase: Ashish Soni

Completing 30 years in the fashion industry, Ashish N Soni will be presenting the Seasonless Collection, as part of the FDCI Showcase. Entitled ‘Change Has Different Faces’, the collection aims to sharpen the brand’s edge with the designer’s new approach to sensual, light yet tailored aesthetics.

8:00 PM: Natural Diamond Council introduces Rimzim Dadu

Natural Diamond Council presents A Sea of ​​Million Stories by Rimzim Dadu, a collection that draws inspiration from natural elements such as ocean waves and tides, river bed formations, tropical and ever-changing skies.

9:30 PM: Manish Malhotra diffuses

With a new, conscious-priced line, Manish Malhotra introduces ‘DIFFUSE’ to welcome an already existing audience into the fold. Patterns and colors run more on the summer spirit, though the season lasts all year round, and formal silhouettes combine with youth-centered celebrations.

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