Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says a tight schedule makes Premier League glory even sweeter.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says winning the Premier League this season will be sweeter than ever given the tough schedule faced by the top flight teams.

Guardiola are one of the many Premier League managers who believe the fixtures need to be reduced during the Christmas period.

The program of the festival and its effects on the welfare of the players is the subject of considerable discussion,

Those issues are further exacerbated by the coronavirus epidemic, which closed 16 Premier League games in December, causing clubs to face more fixture backlogs later in the campaign.

However, Guardiola has proved that he can successfully solve the problems of the English schedule by winning eight major trophies, including three Premier League titles at Etihad Stadium.

Ruling Champion City is sure to be at the top of the table by 2022.

If they win at Brentford on Wednesday, Guardiola’s men could be nine points ahead of second-placed Liverpool – who were beaten 1-0 by Leicester on Tuesday.

“Right now we have the 29th game and two fixtures against the first, the toughest, toughest opponents. The Premier League is like this, “said Guardiola as he watched Arsenal’s Saturday tour in Brentford’s game and form.

“That’s why it’s the most satisfying competition if you can win it. You play against all the big teams under different circumstances and you have to deal with it. He will be no exception in the next two matches.

Significantly, Guardiola believes City playmaker Kevin de Bruyne is returning to his best after being blocked in the early months of the season due to injury and covid problems.

De Bruyne struggled in the opening months of the season, but the Belgian recently scored twice in Leeds’ 7-0 defeat and also scored in Leicester’s 6-3 defeat on Sunday.

“Kevin, when he’s fit, he has something unique in the world. He’s an exceptional player, ”he said.

“He struggled at the beginning of the season and now he is very good. The game at Leeds was really good and Leicester was really good at it all.

“He’s a fighter and a guy who makes goals and helps but he’s been injured for a long time and we’ve survived. Everyone was involved and a part of it. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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