Malaika Arora enjoying holidays in Himalayas with sister Amrita Arora and mother Joyce Hindi Movie News

Malaika Arora Enjoying family time with her sister Amrita Arora And mother Joyce. All three are housed in a spa resort Himalayas And Malaika is resting with ‘those who make her happy’ instead of her happiness.

“I don’t know what else to say. In a place that makes me happy, with people who make me happy, there is nothing else I can ask for. It is very rare for a person to capture such a candid picture at one time so that you only know that this person is going through a pile of “I am surrounded by so much love”. The house is mum. Home is the US, ”Malaika posted with a picture of her outing. Malaika, Amrita and their mother Joyce were dressed in white kurta-pajamas and had a good time laughing.

In April, Malaika Arora was involved in a car accident while traveling from Mumbai to Pune. The actress shared that the accident left her with shock but she is recovering well. “I was stunned at first,” Malaika told BT. I would smile and talk, and I would repeat everything that happened to the people I visited. I was in autopilot mode. But he was not drowning. When I was alone, I shuddered to relive those moments. It was scary outside. In those 15 days after the trauma, I didn’t feel safe sitting in the car. I know this is temporary. Also, I didn’t want constant reminders. I just wanted to be alone after one point. At first, I didn’t know how much of an injury it was, and I was shocked and couldn’t see clearly. There were pieces of glass all around and small pieces went into my eyes. A few weeks after the injury, Malaika returned to the set of her TV show.


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