Lucknow’s Chatori Gali gives you a taste of every corner of India

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, has a rich culinary tradition and is a paradise for every food lover. Although Lucknow is famous for its Nawabi and Mughlai cuisine, it is home to a wide variety of mouth-watering street food. Chatori Gali in Gomtinagar area has a large number of outlets and food stalls offering delicious dishes from all over India.

This Chatori gali is spread over a distance of about one kilometer at the 1090 intersection of Gomtinagar. Food lovers will be able to enjoy fast food, tandoori tea, milkshakes, ice cream and shikanji as well as Bihar’s famous litty rice, Mumbai’s pavbhaji, soya chap, paneer tikka and waternote. You name the food and you will find it here.

Lucknow’s Chatori Gali has become a popular hangout for the city’s youth. Not only that but people of all age groups also enjoyed visiting this place. They mostly come here to visit the most popular place Sham-e-Awadh.

In the Gomtinagar area, Idris Ki Biryani, Tunde Kababi, Bajpayee Kachori, Rajani Thandai are some of the famous names that attract visitors from all over the country as well as international tourists throughout the year. Street vendors also serve four-grilled kebabs, boiled momos, fried pakodas, kathi rolls, biryani, jalebi, chaat and a variety of drinks. There are many outlets where visitors can get a variety of biryani like Lucknow Pulao, Moradabadi biryani, Kashmiri biryani and Delhi biryani among others.

In addition to food, Chatori Gali is also a hub for music shows and other street events.

Chatori Gali was built by the then government in 2011 with the aim of developing the area as a street food hub and generating employment for the locals. In addition to big and famous names, some local food vendors have also set up their stalls and street vendors have been allotted many canopies.

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