Karan Johar asks Kiara Advani if ​​she is ready to marry Siddharth Malhotra; He blushes and says… | Hindi Movie News

The latest episode of Koffee With Karan 7 took a big surprise when Karan decided to show a clip from one of the future episodes of the season as he tried to put Sidharth Malhotra on the spot who was mysterious about the famous coffee coach. Expression When Siddharth tries to escape by saying ‘he wants to marry Kiara Advani’, Karan says, “We met your ‘girlfriend’ earlier,” before playing a clip from the episode of Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor that aired soon. will happen

In the clip, KJo asks Kiara if her relationship with Siddharth is very different from the one shown in ‘Kabir Singh’. Kiara also tries to avoid the question, but Karan sternly asks, “Are you denying your relationship with Siddharth?” Kiara blushes at this and says, “I neither deny nor accept.” KJo asks next, “Are you close friends?” To which he agrees and says ‘more than close friends’.

Not satisfied with the answer, Karan further asks Kiara what she would be called if her current life was the title of the film. Kiara says, “‘Shershah’! Life should be king size.” When Karan jokes, “Size matters,” Kiara regrets, “I shouldn’t have said that” and changes her reply to ‘Juggjag Jio’.

Karan goes h=a step further and asks Kiara about her wedding plans. Says Kiara, “I see it in my life but I’m not revealing it on Koffee With Karan!”

Both Karan and Shahid Kapoor start planning their musical performance and agree to dance to Dola Re Dola. At the end of the clip, Vicky Kaushal bursts out laughing and Sidharth Malhotra says that they bother Kiara a lot.


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