Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Dabangg Delhi 36-30 led by Deepak Hooda

Skipper Deepak Hooda’s super 10 and strong defensive performance helped the Jaipur Pink Panthers beat the domineering Delhi Casey, with the win taking Jaipur to fourth place in the points table.

Ruling MVP Naveen Kumar signaled his return to the mat in the game, and Sahul welcomed him back with an intrusive tackle from Sahul. Arjun Deshwal then added three points to his team’s total, while Sandeep Dhule assisted himself in a tackle point as the Pink Panthers took a 5-1 lead.

Vijay’s two-point raid seemed to stem the tide of Jaipur, but the Pink Panthers added three more unanswered points to their total and left Delhi on the mat with only two men. Hooda went inside to raid, hoping to help get an inch out of his side. But the captain was super-tackled, reducing Delhi’s deficit by just two.

Deshwal reduced Delhi to just two players on the mat again with a second touch point, but in the next raid he also had a super tackle that leveled the score.

With a chance to slip out of his grip, Hooda came to the fore in the back-to-back raid with touch and tackle points to reduce Delhi to just two places on the mat. The skipper then went inside and tagged both defenders before running to midline to help get all out and take a four-point lead to his side.

The Pink Panthers strengthened the first half a bit and outscored Delhi 6-5 to enter the break with a 21-15 lead.

Both teams matched point-by-point in the first few minutes of the second half as Jaipur maintained their six-point lead. The Pink Panthers were reduced to just three players at the Delhi Mat, but the defense responded with a super tackle to extend their lead to eight. Hooda’s two raid points and substitute Nitin Rawal’s superb tackle on Ashu Malik gave Jaipur an 11-point lead, ending Delhi’s hopes of victory.

Out of sight of victory, Delhi turned their attention to bringing down the seven to get one point out of the competition. Neeraj added another touch point to Delhi’s total before Vijay helped the goal with three raid points in two attempts to reduce the deficit to seven. In the final attack of the game, the defense confronted Hooda to make up for the loss of six and ensure that his team gained one point from the contest.

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