Jacqueline Fernandez withdraws foreign travel application amid controversy over Sukesh Chandrasekhar | Hindi Movie News

Actress Jacqueline FernandezWhich has been in the headlines among conmen Sukesh ChandrasekharIn the No controversy, she withdrew her application for permission to travel abroad. It is said that the actress had earlier applied for permission to travel to Abu Dhabi for an awards function and had planned trips to France and Nepal.

According to Times Now, the arguments in court were against him, so his counselor withdrew the argument. It is alleged that Jacqueline asked the ED to return her Sri Lankan passport, but officials refused, saying she would not return to India if she did get one. If at all:

The case of the actress is being actively investigated as she was linked to Sukesh and paid Rs. 200 crore fraud case. According to reports, she was also detained at the Mumbai International Airport last year in connection with the case.

Earlier, she had issued a statement Instagram Addressing the controversy. “This country and its people have always given me tremendous love and respect. This includes my friends in the media, from whom I have learned a lot. I am currently going through a difficult situation but I am sure that my Friends and fans will see me through it. With this confidence I urge my friends not to broadcast any images of nature invading my privacy and personal space. You do not do this to your loved ones, I am sure you will not. There is also hope for justice and good understanding. Thank you. ”


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