Italy pips US for medal relay gold in swimming worlds

Canadian 15-year-old Summer Macintosh won one more gold medal and Italy defeated the United States in the men’s 4 × 100 medal relay title on the last night of racing at the World Swimming Championships.

The American women won their 4 × 100 medal final on Saturday, the 45th medal of the week’s record in the United States. Reagan Smith, Lily King, Tory Huske and Claire Curzon were 0.47 seconds ahead of Australia and 1.23 seconds ahead of Canada.

“Yeah, I’m so tired,” Husk said after a sixth medal in a busy week.

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The Canadian swimmers finished with 11 medals for their most successful world.

Veteran Gregorio Paltrineri also won the thrilling men’s 1,500 freestyle, as Italy ended the swimming world with five golds.

Paltrineri was good at world-record speed as he finally took a big lead over his rivals before completing the championship record in 14 minutes, 32.80 seconds.

“I knew they were coming, but I had a much bigger lead. So that was enough for me, “said Paltrineri. “It simply came to our notice then. So I’m really glad I did. “

At the 2012 Olympics, only Sun Yang’s world record of 14: 31.02 has been faster. A Chinese swimmer has been suspended for doping violations.

Bobby Finke, who has mastered the art of finishing strongly to beat opponents, was unable to catch Paltnerini as he was 3.90 behind in the American record 14: 36.70.

“Initially, I was just trying to be with him, but he kept moving forward,” Finke said. “Hats off to Greg. I wasn’t able to run it down. His race was good and I’m really proud of him. “

Finke’s Silver was America’s record-breaking 39th medal this week, taking its number from Budapest in 2017.

The McIntosh finished the highly successful week for Canadian swimming with its second world title after the 200 Butterfly, with 4: 32.04 hours in the women’s 400 individual medley. It was the second world junior record for teens, doing less to keep expectations low.

McIntosh said she’s not focusing on placements but she’s more concerned about how she runs each race.

“I’ve accomplished that and met my expectations when it comes to splitting and goals, I mean swimming them and pushing my body as hard as possible. So overall I’m really happy. ” McIntosh said.

Teenage Sensations David Popovici and Summer McIntosh Bag Gold at Hungary Swimming Worlds

Katie Grimes, who is just seven months older than the Macintosh, was 0.63 seconds behind Silver, beating her rival all the way.

“I was just having a good time in summer racing. I think this is a long way off, “said Graeme. “I’m happy to start it.”

Another American, Emma Wayant is in third place, behind 3.96.

After a bit of confusion, Justin Race of the United States was confirmed as the men’s 50 backstroke champion.

The excitement of the race ended immediately after winning the race at 24.12 when he was disqualified from drowning at the finish. Teammate Hunter Armstrong, who completed the besomo part of one second, was awarded the victory, while Poland’s 17-year-old Kasveri Masiyuk won the silver and Italy’s Thomas Seiko the bronze.

FINA later overturned the disqualification, meaning the race was awarded gold, Armstrong Silver and Masiyuk bronze.

“It could probably go to the race in the worst possible way,” Ress said.

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom won the women’s 50 freestyle for her 10th gold in the world in individual events. This is the second time she has completed 50 free / butterfly doubles in the same world since Budapest in 2017.

Italy did not have it all when Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Melutti upset world record holder Benedata Pilato by a tenth of a second to win the women’s 50 breaststroke at 29.70.

“It’s great to be a world champion, I’m so proud of myself,” said Meluti, who claimed her second world title nine years after winning 100 breaststrokes in 2013. “I am grateful for every step I have taken in my life, both good and bad.”

Italian journalists, team officials and support staff applauded as the Paltriniri passed through the mixed zone following its tilt on the world record. Seiko also interrupted Paltriniri’s interview to give his teammate a hug.

The Italians were re-celebrating when Secon, Niccolo Martનેnez, Federico Berdiso and Alessandro Miresi set a European record of 3: 27.51 and won the men’s 4 × 100 medal 0.28 seconds ahead of the Americans.

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