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New Delhi: Attracts astronomical bids which will eventually fetch Rs. 48,390 crore. IPLNo media rights are surprised BCCI Secretary Jai ShahWho insisted that the most talked about T20 league in cricket has the potential to deliver more.
In an exclusive interview with PTI, Shah, 33, spoke on various topics related to Indian cricket, the place of the IPL in the global cricket calendar, the establishment of cricket in the time of Kovid-19 and the road ahead for both. Indian cricket And IPL.

So you were surprised by the intense bidding IPL media rights Or was it on the expected lines?
I’m really happy with the kind of numbers we’ve got. This shows the potential for extraordinary growth of Indian cricket. The auction has always been exciting for every stakeholder. We have succeeded in understanding the true value and numbers in front of you, he is a witness to that.
These figures show the potential of the Indian economy and the confidence of investors in the new India. The pressure of digital India has changed the way cricket is viewed in India. So the digital rights bid result testifies to that.
When the winning bid was almost half (16,347.50 crore) during the last media rights auction, the cumulative base price of media rights was raised to Rs. Was there any apprehension in BCCI when it was decided to do more than Rs 32,500 crore?
No, the BCCI has never felt that the base price is too high. You need to understand that in 2018, it was for 60 games. For the next cycle, we will have 410 games, 74 games each in the first two seasons and 84 games thereafter and finally 94 games in the 2027 edition.
You also need to check the digital numbers – there were approximately 560 million digital viewers in 2017 and 665 million in 2021. You expect it to grow further in the coming years.
We have research agencies for us. By 2024, India will have 900 million Internet users as we will be the second-cheapest data providers in the world. Obviously there will be linear viewership (TV) but there is a transition to digital viewership and that way you will realize the value.
You are talking about 94 matches in the future. How do you manage different international teams with windows and their own FTP commitment?
That’s one aspect we’ve worked on. Let me let you know later ICC FTP The calendar will have an official two and a half month window in the IPL so that all the top international cricketers can participate. We have discussed with various boards as well as ICC.
When Amazon Pulling out, there were rumors that they weren’t happy with the package that offers games in just 18 seasons for non-exclusive digital rights?
The purpose of the BCCI was simple. Our motto was search for maximum participation, maximum value and better value. So if one is winning A and B, he needs to spend more to buy package C. It’s just as simple.
This is called better value search. I think the way we closed the e-auction was the most transparent.
There is speculation that the IPL could take place in two phases. Where does the BCCI stand on that aspect and how do you plan to implement it?
We are discussing with various stakeholders. There are also multiple offers for all IPL franchises to play friendly matches abroad. The idea is being seriously considered but for that we need to talk to other boards as well as we need to know the schedule of international players.
There are reports of a 30 per cent drop in IPL viewership this time around. Spectator fatigue due to many matches is also being discussed. Also, there has been talk of recall value for sports this year. Your opinions?
I do not agree that the number of viewers has decreased. You have to consider the pre-COVID and post-COVID numbers. The number of IPL spectators in 2020 and 2021 skyrocketed as cricket was the only source of live sports entertainment for the Indian public. People could not get out due to COVID-19. So there was a sharp rise in statistics.
Now in 2022, the same people are coming out after a certain amount of normalcy has returned. People are socializing, going out for meals, taking vacations that they haven’t done in the last two years. Also, when you count the viewers, this year, during the evening games, you will see hundreds of people sitting in a pub or restaurant watching it on TV.
So there are hundreds of fans watching IPL matches on a DTH (Direct to Home) connection. So, if you count the number of viewers, I want you to calculate based on the 2019 viewership number as compared to 2022.
Let’s talk a little bit about international cricket. If IPL gets a big window, will it affect India’s bilateral calendar?
As long as world cricket is strong, Indian cricket will be strong. Let me assure you of this. BCCI is committed to international cricket. And it’s not just about India vs Australia or India vs England marquee series, we are also committed to playing with smaller nations. All bilateral international commitments in all formats will be honored. We are playing against Ireland in just two T20 Internationals this month. We want a strong international circuit and help small cricket nations play against them.
The BCCI also needs to consider the workload management of the players in the crunchy calendar. How do you deal with physical fatigue?
I have discussed with the head of NCA VVS Laxman And our roster will always have 50 players. In the future, you will have a scenario where the Indian Test team will play a series in one country and the white ball team will play a series in another country. We are moving in a direction where we will have two national teams ready at the same time.
Let’s turn our attention to women’s cricket. You have already said that women’s IPL 2023 will start. Can you give us an idea of ​​what the scale will be and how you plan to organize it?
This is a project that is very close to my heart. We will start with five or six teams in the first edition. I’m thrilled with the kind of feedback we’ve received from stakeholders. Multiple existing IPL teams have inquired and expressed serious interest in owning a WIPL franchise.
Don’t forget the interest from the outside. We are discussing with other boards about the possible window when all the top cricketers will be available. I can promise that the evaluation of league, franchise and media rights will amaze everyone.
You took over as BCCI secretary in 2019 and if someone asks you to look back at your time so far, what do you value most?
Being able to organize games despite operational difficulties during COVID-19 was very satisfying. There were challenges and during the second wave last year we had to stop the IPL because we did not want to compromise on health, safety and security. I thank the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) for helping with the logistical arrangements for the second phase of 2020 and 2021.
We had the Indian women’s team play two Test matches after eight years, which is a great achievement. We conducted over 30,000 RT-PCR tests and was one of the safest bio-bubbles in three editions with minimal cases. When Omicron Cases were on the rise in South Africa, with the BCCI sending its full squad for the Test and ODI series. We sent our team to Australia during the epidemic and successfully hosted England in which not a single case was found.


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