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Mumbai: The Walt Disney Co.JV and Viacom18 led Times Internet Are big winners in the Indian Premier League (IPL) Media Rights e-auction for the 2023-27 cycle which was completed on Tuesday evening in a period of three days.
Until the e-auction took place, the BCCI – The parent organization that runs the IPL – was laughing its way into the bank, earning Rs. 48,390 crore.
IPL Media Rights Auction: As it happened
Disney and Viacom On the morning of the second day of the auction, Rs. Package A and B – TV and Digital India won at Rs 44,075 crore. Disney For TV, Rs. 57.5 crore (total Rs. 23,575) and Viacom for digital at Rs. 50 crore (total Rs. 20,500 crore).
Later, between the second and third day, Viacom acquired Package C – a set of 98 non-exclusive matches on digital in five years – at Rs. 33.24 crore (total Rs. 3,258). Disney, with Zee Group, On the third day started bidding heavily for Package C, Rs. Raised the price to a base price of Rs 16 crore, but Viacom “decided” to take the same premium and retained the package. Uniqueness, as those who know, say, everything went between packages B and C.

The Times Internet won three of the remaining five regions of the world, while Viacom won the other two. “Bid is a direct witness to the BCCI’s organizational capabilities despite two epidemic years. Since its inception, the IPL has been synonymous with growth and today is a day of red letters for it. India Cricket“The BCCI secretary Jai Shah Said.
The list of bidders for TV that was won by Disney, Sony Viacom ranks second in the competition. Those tracking developments were “surprising” Sony and Viacom refused to be more aggressive with their bids.


“At Rs 23,575 crore, Disney is the bid winner. The number of matches has increased; they have very good market access in all languages ​​and in the last mile. They will make money from this deal,” industry officials responded.
For package ‘B’, Viacom’s Rs. The bid of Rs 20,500 crore was also the winner.

“They had to pay a premium in Package C but their intention was very clear. In any case, they were going to grab it. But the cost of Rs 23,758 crore could change many perceptions of how cricket is viewed, industry officials added.
Commenting on Viacom’s bid, Shah said: “India has seen a digital revolution and there are endless possibilities in the sector. The digital landscape has changed the way cricket is viewed. It has been a major factor in the development of the game and a digital India.”

Bidders, who are aware, say that from the point of view of viewers – considering the 2021-22 numbers – in the construction of the auction and therefore, there are multiple opinions that “the bid was not explicitly hyped. Will come. ”
The industry says that considering the minimum number could prove to be one more shot.

The immediate effect of this e-auction was how the BCCI announced on the second day of bidding that it was increasing the monthly pensions of former cricketers (male and female) and match officials with immediate effect. About 900 employees will benefit from this benefit and about 75% of the employees will be 100% additional beneficiaries.
“Given that the board has its coffers full, more such steps can be expected,” said one observer.


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