IPL 2022: We are not here just to participate, we are here to compete and win, says Gujarat Titans head coach Ashish Nehra. Cricket News

New Delhi: Gujarat Titans Is one of the two new entrants to the Indian Premier League. Led by Hardik PandyaThe team also signed with the Indian opener Shubhaman Gill And Afghanistan all-rounder Rashid Khan as three pre-auction contracts.
By building the team from scratch, the Gujarat Titans earned a total of Rs. 90 crore (before and during the auction) to Rs. 89.85 crore was spent.
Gujarat Titans head coach and former Indian fast bowler talking to TimesofIndia.com after the auction Ashish Nehra Before the 15th season of IPL and first confidence for Ahmedabad based franchise. Nehra also warned the other teams that they are here not just to compete, but to compete and win.

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Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya, who was not retained by the Mumbai Indians before the auction, will lead the Gujarat Titans in their first IPL season. It will be interesting to see how Hardik, who has not played a leadership role before, responds to this challenge at a time when he is working on his own bowling fitness, which has also excluded him from India’s selection. That he is not capable of playing the role of an all-rounder. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.
Asked about how Hardik Pandya is seen as a captain, Nehra said, “When you are talking about a cricketer like Hardik Pandya, you are talking about IPL, there are 10 different teams and if you are also in this auction Look, there were two teams that were. We are looking for a captain. We are so lucky that we managed to get someone like Hardik Pandya before the auction and I really value him as a cricketer. He is a tough player and I hope he gets better. We have a very good relationship, he was. Really involved, he is really excited and the boy is just from Gujarat. So it will be a great trip and we are starting something special here. And hopefully in the next few years When you look back, you will say that we did. Manage to create something good for the players, not only for the international players but also for the Indian youth in our team. We help them and make them better players and more importantly We need to see them become better individuals. ” Nehra told TimesofIndia.com.


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Kiwi right-handed fast bowler Loki Ferguson paid Rs. 10 crore and Haryana’s spinning all-rounder Rahul Tewatia In the auction for Gujarat Titans Rs. 9 crore were the two most expensive purchases.
For many, the amount spent on these two players was a surprise. Nehra talked about the thought process behind these two purchases.
“Someone like Loki Ferguson is an out and out fast bowler and can bowl anywhere. You will see that bowlers can only do certain things, they are not so good when you use them in other match situations. Ferguson is one of the top fast bowlers. There’s one. Especially moving in this format. So it’s a match winner. ”


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“Rahul Tewatia has done really well, again an all-rounder, a batsman who can bowl. It is not easy to bat at number 5-6, sometimes at number 7, he can also bowl leg-spin, we really supported Tewatia. In that category, Krunal Pandya, Nitish Rana, Rahul Tripathi, Shah Rukh Khan, all these people also paid a heavy price. 20-21 year old Abhishek Sharma went for around Rs 7 crore. People went into the brackets of 7-10 crores. And the previous bid was the bid of Chennai Super Kings, one of the most successful teams in IPL. I would say it is the most successful team. IPL in last 13 years, so they also valued it You don’t have to have a ‘buy it, we have to buy it’ mentality like the Mumbai Indians did with Ishaan Kishan, we weren’t like that, we weren’t like that. No matter, you have to look at the price, the player has to fit into the plan of your item and in the end it is a team sport. You have to see that it is not easy to build a team around a player if you buy him at a high price. So our thinking was not like that and we are happy that we got players like Loki Ferguson and Rahul Tewatia, “Nehra added.


Ahmedabad franchise Rs. 5635 crore. For the franchise, like the eight older teams, it is a long-term bet and one that is financially sound, given how popular and financially viable the IPL is as a T20 franchise league. Gujarat also has a huge cricket fan base and the management will consider using the big time going forward.


While eight older teams are established brands, two new teams have embarked on their IPL journey.
As far as on-field cricket is concerned, a good first season outing will work wonders for the franchise both on and off the field. There is no better shot for brand building than winning a title or at least being one of the top teams.


“We have big expectations and if you ask this question to any owner, any coach, any player, the expectations will always be there. It is a new franchise, we will do a process but here you are talking about competition like IPL, it is not new. The team can’t do well or win, we are not here just to participate, we are here to compete and win and we can do that because in the end each team has so much money. We had three players. The chance to retain and we have players like Hardik Pandya, Rashid Khan and Shubhaman Gill.We hope these guys click together, we will just try to support them and try to keep the atmosphere nice and healthy and I’m sure they If the same team sticks for 2-3 years, you will definitely see results. ” Nehra further told TimesofIndia.com.


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