iphone: Apple iPhone users get parts and service history feature: what it is and how it works

Apple Ready to roll out iOS 15.2 Update for character iPhones Most of the features that will be available with the major update have already been seen in various beta releases. Now, the company has announced that with iOS 15.2, it will introduce a new ‘Parts and Service History’ feature for iPhones. The tech giant announced the feature in a support document on its website. Apple unveiled a new feature the same week that released the released candidate version of iOS 15.2.
What is the parts and service history feature on iPhone
As the name suggests, this feature allows users to view the parts and service history of their iPhone if the battery, display or camera has changed. Users can go to Settings> General> About to access the feature. This feature will not be available to users if no repairs have been made to their ‌iPhone.
According to Apple’s support document, users including the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and later iPhone SE (2nd generation) can see if the battery has changed. Users of iPhone 11 model, iPhone 12 model and iPhone 13 model can see if the battery or display has been changed. Users of the iPhone 12 model and iPhone 13 model can see if the battery, display or camera has been replaced.
How the Parts and Service History feature works on the iPhone
If the service is performed using genuine Apple parts and tools, users will see ‘Genuine Apple Part’ next to the part. If the user’s iPhone has been connected to the Internet since the service was provided, they can tap the section to view more information, including the date of service.
If the part installation is incomplete or if the part has been replaced with a non-original part, it is already used or installed in another iPhone or it does not work as expected, users will see the message ‘Unknown Part’.
For the display and battery, users may see an additional message that says, “Apple has updated the device information for this iPhone.” This means that the company has updated device information maintained for the iPhone to improve service requirements, security analysis and future products.


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