Instagram begins testing chronological feeds for select users

Instagram Testing a new feature that allows people to choose what is shown in their feeds. The feature will allow users to sort posts as new. They will also be able to select posts from their non-favorite accounts.
Instagram head Adam Moseri made the announcement via a post on Twitter. It is currently being tested and is only available to select users.
In a video shared with the tweet, he says that in the future there will be three different feeds on Instagram. One of them would be called Home which is the Instagram experience we are seeing today. Under this, the content is shown to the reader based on his interests.

The second feed will be called a favorite which will be a kind of subset of the home feed. It will list the posts of the accounts marked as Favorites. This may include an account of a favorite creator or friend. The third feed will be called following which will be a chronological list of posts only for the account that the Instagram user follows. “We think it’s important that you reach a chronological feed, if you’re interested quickly and see the latest ones posted by the accounts you follow,” he says in the video.
This feature is already available for some users. Moseri says more users will be added to the test in the coming weeks. This feature will be fully rolled out by the first half of 2022.


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