Indian Grandmaster MR Lalit Babu won the class cup

Indian Grandmaster MR Lalith Babu won the class cup chess tournament on Sunday based on a better tie-break score after tying with three others, including top-ranked Anton Korobov.

Lalit Babu, 29, finished with seven points. He started with a win over Timo Pukkonen (Finland) in the opening round and remained unbeaten for nine rounds. He recorded five wins with four draws.

Her other victories were against Indian women GM Mary Ann Gomes, Max Hess (Germany), GM Lorenzo Lodici (Italy) and Amin Tabatabai (Iran).

Fourteen-year-old Bharat Subramaniam, who scored 6.5 points in nine rounds and finished seventh overall, became the Grandmaster by achieving his third and final standard here.

International Master Moksha Amit Doshi was the second best Indian after Lalith Babu and Bharat Subramaniam in 17th place.

Grandmaster Arjun Kalyan and P Inian finished 20th and 25th with 5.5 points respectively.

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