India aims to launch 6G telecom network by end of decade: PM | India News

New Delhi: India is targeting the rollout of 6G telecom network, which will provide ultra high speed internet connectivity by the end of the decade, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said on Tuesday.
India currently has 3G and 4G telecom networks and companies are preparing to launch 5G in the next few months.
Speaking at the Silver Jubilee event of telecom sector regulator TRAI here, he said it was estimated that the 5G network rollout would add USD 450 billion to the Indian economy.
“This is not only increasing the speed of the Internet but also the pace of growth and job creation,” he said, adding that 5G technology would bring about a positive change in the country’s governance, ease of living and ease of doing business.
It will accelerate growth in agriculture, health, education, infrastructure and logistics, he said.
Connectivity, Modi Will determine the country’s progress in the 21st century and therefore modern infrastructure needs to be rolled out.
According to the Prime Minister, a task force has begun work on rolling out the 6G network by the end of the decade.
Targeting the previous Congress-led government U.P.A. Government, Modi said that 2G era policy is a symbol of paralysis and corruption.
Under his government the country has transparently moved towards 4G and is now moving towards 5G.
Teledensity and internet users are expanding rapidly, he said, adding that the number of mobile manufacturing units in India has increased from 2 to 200 and the country is now the world’s largest mobile manufacturing hub.
The Prime Minister also said that his government has promoted healthy competition which makes India one of the cheapest telecom data charges in the world.
Indigenous 5G test beds in the telecom sector are an important step towards India’s self-reliance, he added.


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