Igor Steimek says the calendar cannot be determined according to the IPL

Igor Steimek, head coach of the Indian men’s football team, was in a different mood after the Blue Tigers beat Hong Kong in their final AFC Asian Cup qualifier clash in Kolkata.

The cheerful nature of the previous press conference was gone, with almost an air of excitement.

Once the joys of victory were over, Steamek voiced the answers to the more important issues pertaining to the game on a large scale in the country.

“I have big plans with India,” he said last night, adding that we as a football nation are “eight to 10 years behind the top eight Asian countries” already.

Croat, 54, questioned the timing of the upheaval in All India The Football Federation (AIFF), especially when the team was trying to qualify for the AFC Asian Cup.

With Stemac’s contract being extended until September, he noted that he had come to India for “low pay” and had other offers elsewhere, saying “coaches have never been a problem in this country, you should talk about other problems”.

He had a number of demands on the night to continue beyond September, including reducing foreigners from the I-League and playing in the Indian Super League and stopping them when asked to do so.

Since then, Dr. S.Y. Qureshi, the Supreme Court appointed a CoA member to run Indian football and facilitate elections in the AIFF, assuring that September is ‘far off’.

Stimke made it clear in an immediate press interaction that this is not how football works.

“A member of the council may have said that my contract is till September, now is the time. But he should know how the football calendar works, “Stemek told reporters on Saturday.

“I am committed to AIFF. I love India and want to show these youngsters by taking them to the Asian Cup (in 2023) The world That India can do better. I haven’t even finished half my work, so I don’t want to give up anymore. If the other side is fair, I think it could be (contract renewal) soon in June or July so things can start early for the national team, ”he said.

Stemac stayed away from ‘some stakeholders’ in Indian football who focus on their own ‘projects’.

“When I took the job, I was expecting a very different situation. I expect everyone to be committed and ready to help the national team emerge. But some parties were focusing on their own projects which was surprising, among them. Some did not understand what that meant and how long it would take for the national team to move forward, “said Stemeck.

“It’s not anyone’s fault, but I expected more from the government on what football means in the country and how fast we can move forward. You all know that all countries are using players of origin and India is the only country which does not use foreign players and it is another handicap for the country.

“When I was coming here, I hoped that I would be given all the tools available to make India bigger and bigger, but apparently it did not happen so I will focus on my work and try to make sure we don’t mess up. Let’s do it. What we need to do. Throughout the period our hands were tied and now it is really necessary to focus on what we need to do. Less talk and more work, ”he added.

Steamer also reiterated his concern over the duration of the Indian football season, saying that it was currently being run according to another sport – cricket.

“Things need to be addressed about the football calendar, which is still being worked out. IPL And broadcast … if we want to make football great in India we need to stop this. The football calendar should not depend on other things, “said Stemeck.

“India is blessed to have a popular sport like cricket but we should not be afraid of another sport becoming so popular. And to do so, they need to open the door to football. Otherwise, it will not happen. Football should not be harmed by cricket, “he added.

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