Huawei: Huawei may launch HarmonyOS for global customers next year: report

Chinese technology company Huawei The company has seen its share of trouble globally but the company is still a big player in the domestic market. The company’s own HarmonyOS, Which is only available in China as HongMengOS, could hit more global markets in the coming years, claims HuaweiCentral based on a newspaper interview. Derek U., President of CB of Huawei for Eastern and Central Europe, Northern Canada and Turkey. The visit was carried out by the Romanian daily Adewarul.
In an interview, UA reported that HarmonyOS is expected to launch for devices outside China in 2022. He also stressed the fact that even after the current version of HarmonyOS was mainly focused on users in China, the OS has been installed. 100 million users.
Huawei’s HarmonyOS currently spans a range of more than 140 smartphones, tablets, smart screen devices and more. The OS has seen a number of newer versions with the latest version of HarmonyOS 3.0 and its first preview beta is set for release in the first quarter of 2021. The Google ecosystem does not support Huawei devices outside of China, so HarmonyOS could make a stronger case. To buy a Huawei device outside its native country.


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