How often should we change our bedsheets?

We all definitely cover our pillows, cots or other sleeping surfaces with bedsheets. Beautiful sheets not only attract the attention of everyone entering the room, but they are also essential for our personal hygiene and cleanliness.

According to a news article published in Healthline, most people change their bedsheets when they look dirty or when they want an aesthetic change. This is completely inappropriate because sleeping on a dirty bed can be detrimental to your health.

Prolonged use of the same sheets can lower the immune system and increase the risk of contracting seasonal illnesses or infections. Today we will tell you why you should change the bed sheets regularly.

Beautiful bedsheets often collect a variety of invisible items. Dust, oil particles, dead cells, insects and bacteria are among them. Research suggests that you may get sick from all of this. Bacteria are at increased risk for diseases including pneumonia and gonorrhea (sexually transmitted infections).

Normally, we wash the sheets in two or three weeks, but experts say that doing so can lead to problems like colds, flu, acne, allergies, eczema and asthma as well as sleep related problems, which can make you drowsy.

After looking under a microscope, it was found that the dirty sheets contained bacterioids, which can cause diseases such as pneumonia, gonorrhea and appendicitis. It contained both bacterioids and fusobacteria, which can lead to various serious illnesses.

Everyone needs to wash the bedsheet every week, no matter how clean it is. This is because our body releases about 40,000 dead cells every day, which can also contain many bad bacteria. This damages our health and especially our sleep.

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