How Google plans to use mobile devices to combat phishing attacks

Accelerate attempts to thwart Phishing Attacks Google Thinking of using Android And iOS devices like the physical security key. The tech giant has said that it is going to implement the functionality of security keys like its own Titan security key in mobile devices, where these devices will be used. Bluetooth They are in close proximity to the device to which the user wants to log in.
“Like the physical security keys, this helps prevent remote attackers from deceiving you into allowing sign-in on their browsers, giving us an extra level of protection against ‘middle person’ attacks that can still work against SMS or Google Prompt, Google engineer Daniel Margolis said in a blog post. He added that the company would launch the tech in more locations in the next two months.
Tech Giant will also expand on the types of Google prompt challenges users can see in case of failed and / or questionable login attempts. As such, there will be a new Google Prompt challenge that will require users to connect their mobile devices to the same Wi-Fi network as the device they are trying to log in to. Google also plans to increase phishing security, such as its Google Suite applications DocumentSheets and slides.


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