Hopes of forming a CWG sports team after gymnast Ashish Kumar are fading

India’s most handsome male gymnast Ashish Kumar is sinking into depression as his hopes of making the Commonwealth Games squad a month after being accused of bias in selection trials continue to decline.

Kumar, who won medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, wrote a letter to the Gymnastics Federation. India And Sports The Authority of India alleges that they faced “injustice” during the selection trial for the upcoming Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The trial took place on May 11 and 12.

He also asked international judges to review video footage of the performances of the top eight gymnasts during the trial.

The SAI, accordingly, asked GFI to submit a report in this regard and said that it could, if necessary, form a committee to look into the matter.

However, the 32-year-old Kumar said he had not yet heard anything from GFI or SAI, and that his “hopes are dying with each passing day”.

“I am just happy to be free. I don’t know why I’m training. When you do not even know if you will be able to participate in the Commonwealth Games, it is difficult to move forward in such uncertainty.

“Despite my repeated emails, no reply has been received from SAI or GFI. We play a difficult game that requires a lot of mental strength. If you are not mentally fit, you can hurt yourself, “Kumar told PTI.

GFI president Sudhir Mittal said he had submitted the report and the ball was in SAI’s court.

“We have submitted the report immediately after being asked by SAI. It is up to them to decide, “said Mittal.

On June 2, Kumar wrote another letter to SAI and GFI seeking clarification.

“I am rewriting this mail to urge you to please consider the complaint I made about the improper selection and the judgment for the main prospects. The world Challenge Cup Selection Trial Date 11-05-2022, “he wrote.

Kumar had the 5th highest score in the all-around but said he was still “nowhere in the list of World Challenge Cup teams or overseas camps” while other 7th and 8th ranked gymnasts were being selected for the World Challenge Cup and overseas exposure. “

An eight-member Indian team, including four men and four women, left for the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup in Croatia starting on Thursday.

The same team will also participate in the Asian Championships.

“If the teams are leaving for the World Challenge Cup on June 8 and then there are Asian championships and overseas exposure camps in France, it is very clear that there is no possibility of CWG trials,” Kumar lamented.

Kumar also said that the scores of some Indian gymnasts participating in the ongoing World Challenge Cup prove their allegation of bias.

“If you look at the qualification scores in Croatia, you can clearly see the difference between the trials and the judgments made by the international authorities.

“In gymnastics, the difference of 0.1 to 0.5 points is fine but anything above that is a big difference. Look at the score of Yogeshwar who was 7th in the trial but was still sent to Croatia. The other person is Abhijeet (second in the trial), who belongs to the Navy.

Yogeshwar Singh scored 12.60 on the floor in the trials but he scored 12.000 in the World Challenge on Friday. In Horizontal Bar and Vault, Yogeshwar scored 12.90 and 14.35 in the trial compared to 10.800 and 13.375 in Croatia.

Abhijeet Kumar, on the other hand, got exactly the same score in Trial and World Challenge, he scored 11.65 in Pomel Horse.

However, his performance slipped into the horizontal bar as he scored 11.250 as compared to 12.85 in the selection test in Croatia.

“Their scores are very different in the world challenge then they were on trial which clearly shows bias.

“But I am still training with this slim hope of competing in the open trials because I know I can win a CWG medal,” Kumar signed.

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