Hillary Duff is proud of her body as she poses nude for the magazine

Hollywood actress Hilary Duff embraces her body in all its glory (Image: Instagram)

Hillary Duff posed nude for the cover of the May / June issue of Women’s Health and addressed unrealistic ideals on her body.

Hollywood actress Hillary Duff is embracing her body in all its glory. The 34-year-old actress, who rose to fame with series like Lizzie McGuire and movies like A Cinderella Story, was featured on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine. Duff poses nude for the cover of the May / June issue of Women’s Health, and addresses unrealistic ideals on her body and now feels “peaceful” when she thinks about her appearance.

The mother of three, who recently starred in How I Met Your Father, told the magazine that she has gained a lot of respect for her body. “It simply came to our notice then. He has helped me build a beautiful family. I feel that as I get older, I feel more confident in my own skin. “

Cover sharing on InstagramDuff added in the caption, “So, this was scary. I knew it would scare me and I was right. The actress added that she shot the “most beautiful” All-Woman and had a great time. Duff mentioned that during the photo shoot, she was feeling strong and beautiful and she was laughing a lot to come up with some poses other than her high waisted mom jeans and the oversized dress she usually wears. The actress also thanked everyone who made the day normal for her.

In addition to addressing body image issues, Duff also spoke on mental health and told the magazine, “I feel lucky to be in the mental health department where I have not had major setbacks, but like everyone else I have my problems. Insecurity, pain. “The actress said that going to therapy helps her and she consults her doctor at least twice a month.

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