Here’s how you can give your baby the goodness of almond milk

Children need more nutrition than full-grown adults because they are in a stage of brain and physical development. Meeting the nutritional needs of children is a challenge, who are fussy and picky when it comes to their diets.

Vegetables, fruits and milk are not among the favorites of children, making it difficult for parents to ensure that they are growing up healthily. It is important to note that these days, milk condiments like flavored powders are so prevalent in the market that they have become more popular for making milk tastier rather than making it healthier.

A great way to add flavor to milk and make it healthy at the same time is by adding dry fruits and nuts to it. Almonds are the best choice for doing this. This helps them meet their daily calcium requirement which is essential for strengthening and growing their bones.

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To prepare almond milk, roast some almonds. Then grind them finely in a mixer grinder. Heat milk in a pan and add some saffron to it. Make sure you don’t switch off the stove until the milk boils. Then remove the milk from the stove. Mix some nutmeg powder and turmeric in the milk and then add the prepared almond powder. Add a small amount of chocolate powder (or any other flavor your child likes) and mix it well.

Store this milk and give it to your baby at regular intervals. This ensures that the baby gets the benefits of turmeric, saffron, almonds, nutmeg and milk in one drink and they won’t hesitate to taste it because of the added flavor powder.


According to Healthline, almond milk has numerous benefits:

Helps in weight gain
Carbohydrates are low
Rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium
Rich in potassium
Beneficial for skin
Essential for keeping the heart healthy

Warning: Please make sure your child does not suffer from nut allergy.

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