Here’s how you can and should calculate your heart rate

Heart health is extremely important. This statement checks because the heart is responsible for pumping blood which keeps the organs in our body alive. Therefore, keeping your heart in shape is not only inevitable but necessary.

To keep your heart healthy, many indicators guide you on how much attention you need to pay. It is age in the indices. Yes, your heart has its own age. In fact, the age of the heart is very important as your heart begins to beat inside the womb.

Health age gives an understanding of the real state of your heart. This is one way you can understand the risk of your heart going through a stroke or attack. Although it is a clear indicator, it is very difficult to calculate. The reason behind it depends on many factors – age, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, exercise etc.

There are many heart age calculators based on the Framingham Heart Study, the aim of long term research is to find the causes and factors of multiple cardiovascular disease. Research began in 1948, and based on this study, many reliable heart age calculators are available online.

This calculator will ask about your medical history regarding seizures or strokes, because if you have one, the calculator is not for you. He will then ask about your gender, about your age, if you smoke, along with other information about height and weight. You also need to submit your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The age of your heart indicates how well your heart is working in your body. Heart small, condition good. To maintain a healthy level, you can change your life and eating habits to reduce the age of your heart.

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