Haryana Steelers lost 25-28 against Dabangg Delhi

Haryana Steelers faced their heart but lost to Dabangg Delhi Casey 25-28 in Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 in Bengaluru on Saturday.

The two sides fought head-to-head until the Delhi team impressed with two decisive attacks in the final minutes of the match for a thrilling victory.

Dabangg Delhi KC got off to a good start and took a 6-3 lead in the opening minutes of the match. However, Mitu made a wonderful attack in the 6th minute and a few moments later, the Steelers hit a great tackle and came close to Delhi’s score.

But, the Delhi team tackled and raided in the 11th minute and was leading 9-6. Haryana team scored a brilliant goal in the 13th minute and remained in the competition. The Steelers made a superb tackle in the 15th minute, but the Delhi team still maintained a 10-8 lead.

In the last few minutes of the first half, both sides played a similar contest and neither team could escape from the match. In the 20th minute, the Steelers tackled the score to 11-11.

Delhi gained momentum in the opening minutes of the second half and took a 14-12 lead. However, the Steelers tackled brilliantly in the 26th minute to level the score at 15-15.

Moments later, Vinay attacked as the Steelers took a 16-15 lead. Both teams continued to play neck-to-neck competition as both teams were 18-18 in the 33rd minute.

Delhi took a 20-18 lead, but Ashish made a superb attack as the Steelers equalized once again. Haryana team took a 22-21 lead in the 36th minute with a brilliant tackle.

Moments later, Kandola pulled off a high-quality raid to give his team a two-point lead 23-21. However, the Delhi team retaliated and tied the score at 23-23. Dabangg Delhi KC pulled a super raid in the final minutes of the match and won 28-25.

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