Harit Noah Dakar will represent India in 2022

Green Noah is ready to represent the TVS racing team India In Dakar 2022, the world’s toughest cross country rally is to be held in Saudi Arabia from 1 to 14 January. Noah, who is currently training in Spain to fine-tune his navigation skills after training with Shareko star Michael Metge. France will depart for Jeddah about a week before the event. Noah, who completed his first Dakar in the experience class in 2020, became the fourth Indian player to take part in a prestigious rally after CS Santosh, Ashish Rorane and Arvind KP.

He excelled with a stunning effort to become the first top-20 rider to represent India in 2021. This will be his third at Dakar this year.

“After 6 months of training and riding on the beach in my hometown in Kerala since last Dakar, I am in good physical condition. Since September, I’ve been in Europe to focus more on roadbook and navigation training. Two weeks ago, the team went to Morocco again because it is a good place to train with a long roadbook like Dakar, “the five-time national champion in the Supercross said in a statement.

“The bike is brand new and I will ride on a sleek, lightweight machine that is easy to operate and more comfortable in the technical departments. Navigation is another area I am focusing on and the goal is to end the rally, “said Noah. Sports Bachelor of Science.

The roll call for the 44th edition of Dakar will be in Jeddah, but things will only get serious in Hail.

Riyadh, the capital, will host the rest of the day, after which the ground will return to Jeddah for the finals.

Dakar will be part of the FIA ​​and FIM this year The world Rally championship for cross-country railing.

The preface will begin on January 1 in Jeddah with a tour of Hail, located at the crossroads of Saudi Arabia’s historic trade routes. A 19-km mini-special will spice up the long transfer.

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