Green Noah showed resilience to get 26th place after stage 8

Harith Noah, a rider from TVS Racing Factory, entered the second stage as he showed enough resilience after an initial hiccup and completed stage 8 in his unique style, earning him two more places in the overall rankings.

After being ranked 26th on Monday, the Kerala player is now ranked 26th in the general rankings. The stage was won by Sam Sunderland of Great Britain. Noah clocked 4 hours, 12 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the 400 km time special.

Starting on Monday the 22nd and walking cautiously for the first 86km in long contact and action-packed hills, the five-time Indian national supercross champion saw the track of South Saudi Arabia and its hard sand, and moved on. Lost about 10 places.

Undoubtedly, despite the rigorous testing of the competitors’ minds and bodies, he made progress later. Noah attacked the next 200km special, and through Waypoint 6, he went upstairs and then improved further by jumping from one valley to another. Eventually, the landscape changed and the tough negotiator completed a respectable 26th day on stage after covering a distance of 820 km, which took him 26th overall, two places better than the previous day.

Competing in the Moto Section Premier Class Rally at the 44th Dakar Rally, Harith Noah, who had a difficult first week due to extreme cold and two falls, has come to his senses and is looking forward to the last four. Phases

At the Shareco 450 SEF Rally Shoranur, Astrid, Ryder said: “I enjoyed the stage for the next day’s race and I’m getting in my rhythm. It was a long and arduous day but I like the difficult navigation like this stage. I’m still in the race and I’m happy to be in the second round tomorrow. “

There are still four phases left in the Dakar rally, which ends on January 14.

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