google: This will be the first feature in Google’s ‘next Apple Watch competitor’

New Delhi: Google Ready to take his partnership with Samsung To the next level. It looks like the company is finally getting its own smartwatch and it could be branded Pixel Watch. Rumors are rife that Google is set to launch its first smartwatch next year – in 2022. The upcoming Apple Watch is said to be powered by rival Samsung’s Exynos chipset and comes with Next Generation Assistant for Wear OS.
Improved Google Assistant Pixel Watch comes with support
According to an online report from 9to5Google, the upcoming Pixel Watch will offer “Next Generation Assistant”. The new and improved assistant is designed to process your voice directly on your device, not through Google’s servers.
Google Assistant on Watch will also be able to do things in your various apps, such as filtering galleries in Google Photos via voice commands. In addition, when the user is completely offline, it will also perform functions such as tweaking the phone settings.
The Pixel Watch will be powered by the Exynos chipset
After partnering with Samsung on the software front, Google is now ready to take things to the next level. The report suggests that the next Pixel Watch will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos chipset. The SmartWatch requires a high-end chipset to enable Google Assistant to work like a Pixel phone and process speech.
Therefore, the report adds that with the reference to the codename ‘Rohan’ (codename for Pixel Watch), suggests that the Pixel Watch may be powered by one. Samsung Exynos The processor is expected to be powered by the wearable Exynos W920. This is the same chipset that powers the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
Fitness features of Pixel Watch
The Pixel Watch will provide all the major health and fitness tracking features such as step and calorie counting, heart rate monitor and more. The CEO of Fitbit had earlier said that some of the popular features of Fitbit will come in Wear watches.
When will the Pixel Watch launch?
There is no confirmed timeline, but speculation suggests the watch could launch in the spring of 2022, which means in the second quarter of the year.


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