Google Tasks to allegedly replace helpful reminders in Calendar

Earlier this month, 9to5Google announced APK decompression Google Assistant will lose the ability to set location-based and assigned reminders. Now, Tech Publications has confirmed that the assistant is also making some changes to its reminder system. Google Calendar.
According to the latest report, Google is planning to replace it Supporting reminder System in Google Calendar with Google Tasks.
9to5Google has confirmed that in the dismantling of the latest version of the app, they have found lines of code indicating that Google Tasks will take over the Reminders system for Google Assistant.
It is also important to note that this information is based on lines of code that Google will never be able to roll out.
It’s just the new codes, but it’s definitely unclear how Google is planning to implement the whole change, given how Google Reminder is widely integrated into Google’s ecosystem. But what is clear is that Google is planning some big changes Google Reminders.
Meanwhile, Google has recently introduced new keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive These new keyboard shortcuts on the web now allow Drive users to use universal cut, copy and paste commands to move files, documents, folders, etc. from one place to another using the keyboard.
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