Google Search gets new tools to provide users with “sustainable travel options”: what they are

Research conducted by in April found that users tend to make sustainable choices when traveling, provided they have sufficient information about such options. Google To solve this problem, over the past year Search has started offering sustainable travel tools to users. When users search for flights on Google, they can find the estimated carbon emissions caused by specific flights. In the case of hotels, Google also places an eco-label on properties that are certified by a trusted third-party group. Now, the tech giant is adding more options for users to make “greener” choices while traveling.
Google search New travel filters
A new filter has been added to both flight and hotel booking sections on Google Search that will make it easier for users to find more sustainable options. Users can enable the “low emissions” filter on Google Flights to see flights with lower emissions compared to other airlines for similar trips.

On the other hand, Google Search has also added an “eco-certified” filter for users looking for eco-friendly hotels. Enabling this feature will update the view to allow users to browse listings that only contain eco-certified properties. Google is also working with other organizations like — US Green Building Council (which provides the LEED rating) and Global Sustainable Tourism Council To begin importing their database of eco-certified hotels.
Google search new train booking options
Apart from eco-friendly flights and hotels, the company has also introduced a new option for users to book train tickets directly on Google search. This new option is currently available in several countries including Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan. The company also claims to expand the facility to more locations as it continues to negotiate with other rail providers.

When users enter a query on the Google search train booking option, it will display a new module in the search results that will allow them to select their departure date and compare the available options. After users select their preferred train, Google will also provide a direct link to complete the booking on its partner’s website.


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