Google is working on giving YouTube a new look, here’s what could change

from time to time, Google Continues to make certain changes to give a new look to its applications and services. Google’s popular app Gmail has recently added some new features. And it looks like another popular Google app might be getting a new look. This time it’s YouTube’s video page to get a makeover of sorts. According to a report from 9to5Google, the changes are being tested on both mobile and desktop versions YouTube.

What changes will you see on YouTube soon?

According to the report, the buttons appearing on the page will now get a pill-shaped design. Buttons like Share, Download among others will now have a pill-shaped design.
Additionally, on the mobile version of YouTube, the carousel will be below the channel details. It will contain details and information that will appear after the video title, number of views and published date. YouTube will also make the top comment more prominent.
On desktop, video descriptions will get something called a “visual call out,” according to the report. The idea is to benefit creators with a visual call-out, which will make the narrative pop out more than before.
It is not clear when the proposed changes will roll out to users as they appear to be still in the testing phase. However, it is expected to roll out to beta users first and then to all users.


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