google: Google Pixel Buds Pro may launch soon, suggested to compete with Apple AirPods Pro

Google Allegedly Google is planning to launch Pixel Buds Pro After this year. According to a recent tweet by Liquor John Prosser, the tech giant will release a high-end version of its Pixel Buds ‘soon’. Rumor has it that earbuds will stack up against the likes of Apple AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.
According to Prosser’s tweet, The Google Pixel Buds Pro Real Red, Carbon, Limonsello and Fog – will be launched in four color options. So far, Google has not released any details about the rumored earbuds, but previous reports suggest that the Pixel Buds Pro will be priced around 3rd generation Apple AirPods. Apart from this some reports also suggest that the ‘Pro’ version of Google Pixel Buds There will be an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature.
According to a report from MacRumors, the Google Pixel Buds Pro may also have an in-built Google Assistant with intelligent features like adaptive voice. For those who don’t know, the adaptive sound feature adjusts the volume according to your surroundings and touch controls.
Notably, Prosser’s tweet comes about a week before the Google I / O annual event. This means we may see new Google earbuds at the next event where it is expected to launch Google Pixel 6a and its first smartwatch, Google. Pixel Watch.
In a recent report, AndroidCentral shared real images of the alleged Google Pixel Watch. The publication claims that the smartwatch was found by one of their sources in a US restaurant. According to the source, the device may be a test mode for the built-in pixel team.
When it comes to images, Google Pixel Watch looks just like leaked rendered images. Images show that the smartwatch will follow a minimalist design language with almost no bezel. The images also show that the pixel watch will have some buttons near the crown that will look similar to those seen on Apple Pull Watch models.


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