Google adds new features to Chrome for iPhone users

New Delhi: Google Has announced that it is releasing a new version of it Chrome Browser. The company is introducing version 103 of Chrome, which brings some new and useful features in iPhone and iPad IPad.
After the update, users will notice a redesigned three-dot menu placed in the bottom right corner of their iPhone screen. In addition, Chrome on the iPhone comes with a colorful carousel that offers quick access to bookmarks, reading lists, history, recent tabs, downloads and settings.
Users will see actions like new tab, reload and new hidden tab.
Once you have fully expanded the view you will see bookmarks, add to reading list, translate, request desktop site, zoom text, report and more. The company claims that the new design is based on user feedback.
Apart from this Chrome 103 also introduces a new screen if you are away for a while. The new design enables users to easily start new searches and browse content easily. As mentioned above, the new version of Chrome also brings the Chrome Actions functionality. As part of this, you can enter things like Clear Browser Data, Open Incognito tab and more into the address bar and the browser will quickly take you to the desired page.
The tech giant has also updated the language recognition mode which now uses machine learning and can easily translate the language of a web page.
In terms of security, version 103 of Chrome brings improved and safer browsing iPhones And iPads. The company claims that the browser will now become more active and share real-time data with Google for safe and secure browsing.
The company has released the new Chrome 103 for iPhone and iPad and users can download it from the App Store.

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