Ghana Rage ‘small team’ Gabon earns AFCON draw after controversial goal

Ghana captain Andre Ayou dismissed Gabon as a “small team” after a late goal from Jim Elevinah ended a 1-1 draw between the teams in the Africa Cup of Nations Yaounde on Friday. Ayu’s well-started strike led the four-time champions. Elevenah claim their first win in Group C for a superb 88-minute equalizer that puts Gabon on the edge of the last 16 but leaves Ghana’s hopes on the edge.

The Black Stars were furious when Ghana put the ball out of the game after their midfielder Daniel-Coffey Kayreh was injured and Gabo scored after choosing not to return the ball.

“It was much smaller than that, but then it’s the same with smaller teams,” Ivy said.

“We’ve got the ball out of the game, and giving the ball back in football is the right game. If they had, they would not have scored. They had no chance. “

After a tumultuous match on the full-time pitch, the referee called a Ghanaian man back from the dressing room to show him a red card.

The controversial player was identified as Benjamin Tettah, with television footage showing him punching Gabon’s Aaron Bupandza during a scuffle.

As a result, Ghana are now set to advance to Group C with just one point, with Gabon at four and Morocco – who had earlier beaten Comoros 2-0 to qualify – as one of the top two.

“We’ll swallow the shot and try to win the next game, and hopefully four points will be enough to pass,” Ayu said.

It was a good result for Gabon who was again without star striker Pierre-Emerick Obamayang and midfielder Mario Lemina.

After a positive test for the Covid-19, the two missed the team’s opening victory against the Comoros and withdrew from the match after their negative test on the eve of the game found some remnants of their infection.

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