Gems & Jewelry Exports Top Covid Pre-Levels | Surat News

Surat: In a significant sign of improving market sentiment, the gem and jewelery industry has returned to pre-covid levels, with exports growing by વચ્ચે 29,084 million (Rs 2,16,072.56 crore) between April and December 2021 as compared to $ 27,500.85 million. 1,93,587.67 crore) for the same period in 2019.
During the same period in 2020, exports declined by 16,487.64 million.

The sector also recorded 29.49% growth in exports in December 2021 as compared to the same month in 2019. Exports in December 2021 were $ 3,040.92 million (Rs. 22,914.63 crore), up from $ 2,348.44 million (Rs. 16,712.46) two years ago.
There has been a modest but significant increase in exports of gold jewelery – an area that has not improved much since the first wave of covid-induced epidemics began. Exports touched $ 778.04 million in December 2021, compared to $ 775.36 million in 2019, down from અગાઉ 502.59 million previously.
It should be noted that between April and December 2019, the export of gold jewelery was $ 9,270.94 million, which decreased to $ 3,065.88 million in 2020 and $ 6,915.21 in 2021. Growth is 25.41% lower than in 2019.
“India’s performance in the crucial quarter of Christmas was a wonderful year for the gem and jewelery industry. While factories usually take short breaks, post-Diwali exports have been able to offset part of the holiday bounce, ”said Colin. ShahChairman, G.J.E.P.C..
“The demand for holidays and festivals was strong in major trade centers, including the US and Hong Kong. Thailand, And Israel. And we have every reason to believe that this momentum will continue till the end of FY2022, which will bring us closer to the target of $ 41.67 billion in exports, “Shah added.


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