Francesco Bugnia wins Dutch MotoGP after Fabio Quartararo crashes out

Italy’s Francesco Bagania won the Dutch MotoGP on Sunday when championship leader Fabio Quartararo called it a “rookie mistake” after he crashed out of an event-packed race.

The Frenchman Quartararo fell twice, in the second incident flipping over his handlebars, though he later walked away, waving his fists in anger at his mistake.

Bagnaiya, by contrast, struggled to record a welcome full points score after failing to finish in his third win of the season and the last two races.

“I am very happy after two difficult races,” said the Italian.

On a great day for the Italian riders, Marco Bezechi was second on the Ducati while Spanish rider Maverick Vineless rounded out the podium in the 11th race of the season.

Quartarro are heading for a summer break with a 21-point lead over Alex Espargaro, who finished fourth on Sunday.

The Frenchman finished fifth on the 13th lap out of 26 in front of an enthusiastic crowd in the Netherlands.

Even if he quickly got back on his feet he would have to give up after this second accident.

The Frenchman got off to a bad start and Aprilia Ryder Espargaro took the lead quickly.

When he tried to regain his second position, in an attempt within a turn, the Frenchman lost control of his Yamaha, he ended up in the gravel, although he soon returned to the saddle, albeit in the last position.

But after a while, the quarterback’s race ended after an acrobatic tumble.

“I made a rookie mistake,” Quartaro said, and as soon as the race was over he apologized for taking Espargaro off track in the fifth lap.

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