For the first time, an Indian rugby player banned for doping; The lawyer says he should appeal against the verdict More sports news

New Delhi: Probably the first case of doping in Indian rugby, a national level female player, Antima Kumari Bihar, which was recently selected in Hangzhou for the postponed Asian Games, has been banned for two years by the National Anti-Doping Agency.Nada) After traces of the banned substance ‘tamoxifen’ were found in her urine sample during an out-of-competition test in Bhubaneswar. Tamoxifen is listed as a hormone and metabolic modulator under S4 of the World Anti-Doping AgencyWada) 2021 List of prohibited substances.
Antima, who plays as a winger (last person in the back line), was convicted of violating Section 2.1 of the NADA’s anti-doping rules, which deals with “the presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolism or markers. Athlete’s sample” Oct. 18, She was tested during a national rugby team camp at KIITs University in Bhubaneswar in 2021 and her ‘A’ sample was sent for testing at a WADA-accredited laboratory in Belgium, which returned an adverse analytical detection (AAF) for ‘metabolite’. Was. methoxy-hydroxy-tamoxifen ‘.
Antima was given a notice of charge on December 12, 2021, following which she opted for a temporary suspension as the banned drug falls into the category of ‘prescribed substance’. The period of her disqualification began on 30 December. According to NADA records, the athlete did not apply for therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to justify the presence of tamoxifen in his body system.
“In light of the lack of sensitive defense about how a substance called tamoxifen entered the athlete’s body, therefore, the panel, therefore, held the athlete responsible for approval for a disqualification period of 2 years. The disqualification period will begin in December. 30, 2021,” ADDP Read the order.
Surprisingly, in his case, Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU) official Saurojit Ghosh, who works as a rugby development officer, represented him at the NADA’s Disciplinary Panel (ADDP) hearing instead of a suitable lawyer. The legal expert could have put the matter before the panel, which would have strengthened Antima’s defense.
“Lack of proper legal assistance to athletes makes them vulnerable to severe punishment for inadvertent doping. This is a crucial area that the government and the sports federation should pay attention to. Could have better defended for inadvertent doping offenses. I am disturbed to see athletes being affected. We will appeal against this order, “Antima’s lawyer said. Saurabh MishraTold TOI.
It is also learned that one person called Sunil Vishwakarma, A track and field athlete with whom Antima has been in contact since 2019, prescribed her some multi-vitamin pills before joining rugby camp in November 2021. Antima was argued by an IRFU official that these pills could lead to her dope. Failure. But medical expert doctor Sanjogita Sood ruled out this possibility.
The athlete appeared by his representative Rugby Federation of India. Sunil Vishwakarma was called and, over the telephone, he actually agreed to prescribe multi-vitamins to Athlete Antima. The panel asked Antima if the multi-vitamins prescribed by Sunil were the same as the athlete had told the Rugby Federation for lab testing. The athlete replied in the affirmative. She also added that she had taken these multi-vitamins prescribed by Sunil during the camp for a period of one week and stopped taking these vitamins more than a week before her competition, ”the order said.
“The lab report shows that these multi-vitamins or these drugs are not in the dope test. When the athlete is repeatedly asked if she has taken steroids and how the prohibited substance entered her body, she has no convincing answer. The panel, including Sunil Athletes are also ordered to stop giving medical advice to any other athletes in the future. Sourojit Gosh To appear before the Rugby Federation to check and inform all athletes that no athletes are given medical advice to other athletes and to inform all other athletes only to seek medical advice from the existing medical experts on the panel, ”he added.
Antima said on her behalf: “I will request the hearing panel to reconsider and consider my case on the basis of complete inadvertent guilt. Due to dope failure, I have already missed two senior citizens in December and now earlier this month in Patna since December. I am out of the national camp Rugby India A preparation camp has been organized from June 21 for the Asian 7-A-Side Championship in Indonesia in August. I am already losing a lot of international competitions. I was unaware of the specifications regarding the multi-vitamin tablet I took for 4-5 days after joining the camp in November last year. ”

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