FC Goa’s Edu Bedia, Seriton Fernandes and Princeton Rebello praise Anwar Ali

The date ‘June 14, 2022’ will forever be etched in Anwar Ali’s memory, with the defender scoring his first goal for the senior Indian national football team. What makes him even more special is his strike in a very crucial match for the Blue Tigers.

Ceriton Fernandes, who recently signed an extension of his contract with FC Goa, spent the last season with him, watched him closely and spoke a few words of praise for Anwar.

“Anwar (Ali) joined us in training last year, and he has been impressive since he set foot on the practice pitch,” said Seriton Fernandes, his teammate at FC Goa.

“We all knew about his struggles before joining the club, and how hard he fought back from the pitch to return to play his favorite sport. We were all overjoyed when we found out they got their call-up India Team I believe this is just the beginning for him.

Spanish midfielder Edu Bedia also emphasized Anwar’s proud moment. “It simply came to our notice then. In the first few games I played with him I knew he was a different player. I have played five seasons in India so far and I have never seen anyone like him. He has everything he needs to be the best at the top level in the country, “said Edu on Anwar Ali.

“I am very happy for him and for Brandon (Fernandes) and Glenn (Martins) who qualified for the Asian Cup with the Indian team. They are very important players for both our club and the national team and I hope we can have more success together in Goa. “

While Palestine’s 4-0 win over the Philippines in the third round of the qualifiers had already secured India a place in the group stage of the AFC Asian Cup 2023, a win was inevitable for Igor Stemeck and company. To end the qualification campaign on a positive note. It was important that the Blue Tigers beat Hong Kong and reassure the fans that they could qualify on their own merits, and Ali’s opening goal set the tone for his team as they beat Hong Kong 4-0.

Another FC Goa star, Princeton Rebello, also praised his compatriot. “I am happy to see Anwar’s score for India, also in a very important game in the AFC Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers. And in addition to the strike, his restraint in playing in his first international matches was commendable, “he said.

“He played a crucial role in India’s qualification and I can’t wait to meet him and congratulate him personally.”

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