Explained: Twitter Alt Text and How It Can Help Users

Twitter, in an effort to make the social media platform more accessible to all users, shared its plans to introduce a transcription feature in September 2020. The company wanted to add both audio and video transcription (for photos and videos) to the Micro-One. The blogging site is more accessible to users who are visually impaired or hearing impaired.

initially, Twitter Having started testing its captions for voice tweets in July 2021, now, the company has rolled out this accessibility feature to all users.

The feature also adds a new image description reminder that will encourage Twitter users to contribute by adding details about images that can help visually impaired users understand an uploaded picture.
what’s that Twitter Alt Text?
Digital Image Description or Alt Text is an opt-in accessibility feature on Twitter that prompts users to add a description when adding a photo to their Tweets. This feature has been rolled out globally for all platforms (web and mobile) and may be made the default in the coming days.

Currently, users can enable the feature from the Accessibility option settings and privacy menu. Once enabled, this new image description reminder feature will prompt users to add alt text to every image they upload and share on Twitter.
Importance of Alt Text
This feature is designed for users who are blind or have low vision and image description can help them improve their social media experience. The company also mentioned that this feature is not only important for users with screen readers but can also help people who live in low bandwidth areas and have feature phones.
Twitter has also asked users to keep alt text more focused, mentioning: “Get what’s important, be concise, and be objective.” The company also provided some examples of how to write the right image description.

Photos that have been uploaded with alt text will appear with an “ALT badge” in the lower left corner to identify content that contains image descriptions. Twitter translates alt text into different languages ​​for users around the world to take advantage of this feature.
Other accessibility features recently rolled out by Twitter include — the closed caption feature. Earlier, in June, the company added a closed caption toggle for all iOS and Android Users tapping the “CC” button (on videos with captions available) will enable users to view captions for audio conversations. spaces and voice tweets. This feature is helpful for hearing impaired users.


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