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Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor Recently shared her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics on social media, drawing attention to the fitness transformation of her jaw. He says it took him about 15 months (February 2021 to May 2022) to reach his desired goals and that he is still ‘working in progress’. He is one of those B-Town stars who is constantly being targeted by bad trolls. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Arjun He reveals how he copes with negativity, and Malaika returns to the trolls to target Arora and her sisters Janhvi, Khushi and Anshula.

“It shows their upbringing. It shows their thought process and it shows what they are made of. It doesn’t reflect badly on me. It reflects badly on them. They can eventually hide behind an anonymous facade.” They know who they are. They have a lot of fun showing it to their friends, but I have the ability to fight with it and live my life with my head held high and I still go to work giving my 200% and I’m still completely honest. And honestly live my personal life. They live fake lives and type stuff to get their frustrations out. The same people will take selfies with me. If they are good they will go see my movies, click on my interviews and tell them They will still follow me. Instagram. So who is leading a lie and who is living an honest life. You also have to understand that this country is very angry about a lot of things and very simple goals. We have made ourselves available The character is created because we are constantly there and we say things. We are available and we are clicked every day. We are being commented on and it has become commonplace that people should have opinions. Everyone is a critic when they watch the movie First Day, First Show. Before selecting the log picture yourself, now log yourself, we will write a review and create a video on YouTube. So what’s more ideologically sold? Clickbet, where there is negativity, right? “He said.

Arjun further explained how even his transformation is looked down upon by trolls. “Even as I post a photo of the 2021-21 transition today, I am very aware that I have hair on my body and I wrote it, but people will still find excuses to write about it because they Can’t. Appreciate. Some people have forgotten how to appreciate it and some media portals and even those comments choose some media portals for their enjoyment because they think it clicks. We’re all a part of it and trolls only do what they know they can get attention so there’s a vicious cycle between artists being available, you know they use us in the media and to bring out both sides Enjoys the available negativity and it is becoming normal for the common man to say that we are allowed to have a negative opinion and share it constantly and be personal and abusive because we are not going to be censored for it because we are responsible, we We pay to see it, it’s our choice Don’t be responsible. We are allowed to have an opinion.

So please understand that if I put something on your building, forget Instagram, wow you can delete, block, ban, maybe no one will read every comment. If I write something insulting in your building, in your notice board, write your name without leaving the plant and find out your entire building, and there will be a discussion in Pure Society, you will not be able to copy. So if you live like I am a troll, think about me, your mother, your sister, your daughter, your family members … if I write anything on the notice board, then you will lose your temper. Because you will lose perspective whether it is untrue or true. Talking about your personal life, gossiping about it, giving opinions about it. Imagine living with it on a daily basis and the fact that you have made it normal and you do it on a daily basis to make yourself feel better. ”

Reacting to trolls targeting Malaika Arora or her sisters Anshula, Jahnvi or Khushi, Arjun added, “Imagine what people like us have to go through. I have very thick skin. My family members have to go through this because of me. Arjun My sister had to be a victim of compromise because of being Kapoor. It’s not her fault. I have nothing against people’s opinion but when they become personal, I think they should introspect and look at the facts. If I stand in front of them and talk to them, I can give it back to them, they will not stand in front of me. That when that happens you have to isolate yourself and stop taking care of it because it is not going to change.I mean I can give you this answer but it does not change anything I will tell you the facts. Curry Maybe but you can’t stop people from commenting because maybe no one sees it the way I or you do. People are having fun at the risk of Bollywood, “he says.

But does he think that having the whole family come together after 2018 has changed a lot for him? “I think I’ve talked a lot about it. I wouldn’t want it on my worst enemy. It happened to me. It happened to both girls. It happened to my father … I just did what I thought. True because my mom would expect the same from me and Anshula and yes we got people who took care of us and we were able to leave some stuff, we were able to separate some stuff. Normalize certain issues in life. It’s not like we keep saying this and I don’t say it badly. We are not a completely happy family, but at least we try to make sure we coexist. And for each other as best we can. We are able to live there, of course we are in a better place but we all have independent lives so we don’t get to meet often.

I like so much, I love Janhvi and happiness in my life. I like the fact that my dad can now see his four kids posting together on Instagram, even though they are sitting together and busy on the phone. He is the eldest child of us all but still each day comes with its own challenges because we do not all live together which is the best, because we have all grown up and need our space. Am I good in my life without both? Certainly. I’m better. I always believe that my father was in my life so I am always happy to get new life but now I have two more people who really care about me and I take care of them so I am very happy and my sister is happy With both of them I love. ”

Moving on to the films, we asked Arjun if he wanted to do a regional film. “It’s a pointless discussion,” he says. “Because there are no language barriers in films. I think we have admired European and Korean cinema for years. No one talks about language then. The Malayalam audience has made some wonderful films which I have admired on OTT. Praise but it has been making films for so many years because their audience has a certain way. They have been praising this kind of work for years. Such a literal audience, they like to push. That’s what is being said about him. Yes, I wanted all his big hits. They have all been remade. He is now remaking films in Tamil and Telugu and he is remaking ‘Article 15’ which Going to be released. Language has never been a barrier for me to create content. I made an English film and I did ‘Finding Fanny’ … I have been offered some films which are regional. I couldn’t take it because That I have tried to set foot Here I am not the opposite, obviously I want to do something that will increase my chances of going and working in a language that may not be my first speaking. So he has to help me get into it and get comfortable. I really appreciate that Kiara has done a lot of films there and she is still working there today. I don’t think that’s an obstacle. I think it’s a blessing.

We need to stop misinterpreting it, creating meaningless conversations because this country was started with different languages, different cultures. If we can ignore all the stupidity, we can only enjoy movies and learn. ‘Pushpa’ and ‘KGF2’ are there to teach us. This is a man who is a superstar and the Kannada industry has made a film that is acclaimed by the country. Why shouldn’t we learn from it? He has taken a theme that is relevant across the country. A man goes to war for his mother. It’s a very consistent theme, it’s just as simple. It has existed in Hindi for the longest time. They have managed to catch him. We as Hindi film industry have lost some of our connections with our audience, it is up to us. We’ll get it back because our directors, producers and writers will reconnect with that audience.

We’re also chasing a lot of credibility and OTT success as we have crowds of multiplexes emerging and money making, now we realize that, but we don’t catered to that audience and they always cater to their entire audience. . Because they make movies for their fans and that translates to being anonymous and still becoming a well-known quantity. Arjun is the star of all India today. He has done very well in his part of the world over the years, I know about him. I’ve seen his first film, made by Sukumar, and I love it. Arya was a wonderful film and she has always been a wonderful dancer, and ‘Pushpa’ has not danced the way she used to. He danced in the character but the film ran because the material works all over India. We should learn from those who come up with the same idea again. It is the rise from rags to prosperity in Hindi. We see the Wolf of Wall Street as an increase in prosperity. There is no harm in acknowledging that sometimes we lose our way, we should look to other languages ​​to motivate others to get back on the right path, “Arjun concludes.


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