Eventually, Tony begins to mourn Rick Gervais

Story: A piece of Tony’s heart has gone with Lisa and she is angry with you and me with the whole world. In this play, Ricky Gervais takes us through different stages of grief and dear life.

Review: The virtual crowd wept together in the first part of this ever-raging epidemic as the bereaved Tony (an extraordinary Ricky Gervais), sitting next to his Alzheimer’s-suffering father, reassured him, “Yes, I am your only, good son. “Perhaps wonderful in this big splash of raw human emotions in the small win of life સામગ્રી which made creator-director Ricky Gervais ‘After Life’, now in its third and final season, the most trusted tearker relationship for those looking for it.”

Following the tonality of his first version, Tony is still very angry at those who deserve to be “usually stupid” for reckless driving (in his malicious vision) and the noisy crowd and his angry mind. Only this time, it is slightly polished, finer around the edges. Tony, in his nihilistic way, has learned to embrace the warmth of life in all its shades. And – he hates stripping for you – that’s where the script goes downhill.

Gervais’s outrageous comedy has grown so much in support of his devoted fans that the star comedian gets flat on his face while preaching a word or two about his life and his brutality. However, the intensity of his comedy talent finds outlets in the iconic line, such as, “… when the coronavirus came I stopped working with men. I prefer AIDS, “and something basic like,” I don’t even have a boyfriend and I’m simple. “Unable to understand the creative thinking process behind it, but Gervais seizes the opportunity with quick emotion and brings about his own downfall. .

Whether it’s on stage or behind the phone screen, we love it when it hates the world, not the other way around.

Only six episodes are packed for the Goodbye installment, the creator keeps it tight and only allocates long bits for the crowd’s favorite characters: Graveyard Pal, Lisa’s video, her friendship with Lenny (Tony Way) and her adorable with Matt (Tom). Joke Besden). Other practical pessimists, with the exception of Colin, do not stick to any new characters.

‘After Life’ brushes its shoulders against the hot topics of epidemics and racism, but through its powers it quickly leads to more dynamic, meaningful themes to ensure its stable, playfulness.

Talking about the deepest occasions, the conversation recorded by Tony about scattering his father’s (David Bradley) ashes inside a certain restaurant, under a portrait of the queen, is a heartbreaking scene in the series. Likewise, her video diary, which includes Lisa (an easy-going Carrie Godliman), is reminiscent of one of the few reasons that made this series our comfort show.

‘After Life’ is a dirty, angry humanitarian comedy, and has pessimistic expressions about faceless, ordinary people who cling to each other with frustration, not love. But, deep down, on some human level, it echoes because of how certain sequences are on your face.

If only Ricky Gervais had chosen to abuse and harm in private and would have chosen to go out and preach peacefully. Tsk! Tsk!


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