Emma Radukanu says to move in the right direction on the soil Tennis News

US Open Champion Emma Radukanu Clay has little experience at select level but the 19-year-old says he is moving in the right direction on the surface before the French Open, which starts later this month.
Radukanu had mixed results after her first Grand Slam title at last year’s US Open but she scored encouraging runs in the claycourt season where she reached the Stuttgart quarterfinals and Madrid Last -16.
She is looking for a way to adapt to the surface without the help of a full-time coach after splitting up. Torben Beltz Last month, and Britain Has chosen the freedom of coaching himself.
“I’ll describe myself as alone,” Radukanu, who confronts Bianca Andrescu Told reporters in the first round of the Italian Open this week.
“Over the last year … a lot of people around me and often.
“It’s interesting to be alone because I’m finding out a lot about myself, understanding what I want and what I don’t.”
Radukanu played his first professional match on clay Billy Jean King Cup Qualifier last month and said she was learning about the surface while playing.
“Clay is very new to me,” she added.
“I definitely feel like I’m making progress every week, improving, gaining a better understanding of how to play points, when to stay in points or when to be aggressive.
“I don’t think I’m like a finished product. But, yes, I’m going in the right direction.”


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