Emma Radukanu says 2022 will be a ‘learning experience’

Teenage US Open champion Emma Radukanu says 2022 will be a learning experience as she makes history by becoming “a great forward” with a first round win at the Australian Open. She qualified for the Grand Slam singles title in New York last year, but has only won two matches since entering the Australian Open. Britain put on a stellar performance, beating 2017 US Open winner Sloane Stephens 6-0, 2. 6, 6-1 appearance in her first major draw at Melbourne Park on Tuesday, and said she was soaking the experience.

“I think 2022 is about learning for me,” she said as she started her first full season on the WTA Tour – a year ago she was studying for school exams.

“Being in those situations of winning the set and then fighting in the decisive is definitely all accumulated in the bank of experience that I can tap into the bottom line later.”

Radukanu had previously played once against the Juniors in Melbourne and lost in the first round.

Adapting to night matches on show courts that can last up to an early hour is also something she’s been struggling with.

Her confrontation with Stephens at the Margaret Court Arena ended just before midnight, when she admitted that “my bedtime is over.”

“I think it’s something I’m also learning about, what works for me and for me, it works with late termination and night matches and maybe you can fall asleep earlier because of the adrenaline you are running. No, “she said.

“I think learning from them will be a good experience, and I can’t really tell you because I’ve only played one night match in the past.

“I think coming here and winning my first match in Australia is a great step for me,” she said.

He will play against Danka Kovinic of Montenegro next Thursday.

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